Here’s what Some of Our Clients Say

Dr. Ron Shapiro

“Our Patient Experience Feedback program has proven to be a very valuable tool, in terms of benchmarking satisfaction performance as well as monitoring patient’s clinical outcomes.”

Dr. Ron Shapiro Shapiro Medical Group – Minneapolis, U.S.A
The Cosmetic Institute

“IPSS has helped The Cosmetic Institute gain insights into the minds of our target market and help us monitor and improve our processes and patient care in real time.  The detailed analysis reports provided really assist us to develop forward-looking operational and marketing strategies”.

The Cosmetic InstituteSydney
Cosmetic Surgery For Women

“We have been using Insight Patient Satisfaction Solutions since 2012. They helped us formulate a survey that helps measure various benchmarks within our surgical practice. The process of sending the surveys is very simple and easy to use and the reports are timely and accurate. We have been able to make changes within our Practice to ensure that our patients experience is a positive one right through their journey. It has had a positive effect on our staff also, particularly when they get a special mention in the surveys.”

“I would highly recommend IPSS to any aesthetic practice who believe that Patient Experience is a top priority.”

Cosmetic Surgery For WomenMelbourne
Dr. R. Knudsen

“As do we all, I thought I understood everything about our patients and their response to my treatment. Funny how it helps if you actually ask them! What I have learned has already led me to “tweak” the system which can only help my practice survive and grow. This was very easy to implement, cost effective, and very helpful.”

Dr. R. KnudsenThe Knudsen Clinics - Past President ACCS
Ms. P

“The response from our patients to the survey initiative has been amazing. They really appreciate the opportunity to express their opinions and make a positive contribution to the clinic.”

Ms. P Practice Manager, Brisbane
Dr. G

“Putting the survey online was absolutely the right decision. I wasn’t seeing anything like this from our handout patient questionnaire, nor did I have the time to put all that information together coherently.”

Dr. G Melbourne



Kerry Bielik, Director of Insight Patient Satisfaction Solutions,

explains the importance of capturing patient feedback.



Capturing patient feedback is vital for addressing any issues and enhancing the

experience provided by a visit to your practice, writes Kerry Bielik.



In an Australian coup, Insight Patient Satisfaction Solutions (IPSS) has been

selected by the prestigious American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABHRS) to

provide its members with a web‐based “Patient Experience Survey” solution.