What’s your Net Promoter Score?


The Net Promoter System has been a marketing buzzword used in customer research for some time. Whilst it’s bandied about a lot, not too many people fully understand what it is, how it works and why it may be important to their business.

Essentially, the NPS is standardised way to measure the likelihood that your customers would recommend your business to friends and colleagues. Based on a rating scale of 1 to 10, responses are categorised into 3 groups: “Promoters”, “Passives”, and “Detractors”. By calculating the ratio of responses, we come up with a single metric (a score out of 100), which is your Net Promoter Score.

NPS range

Why is this so valuable?
Well firstly, if you track your NPS over time, it will provide an excellent overall guide as to how well you’re satisfying the needs and wants of your customers, and alert you to the impact of any operational or administrative changes you make.

Secondly, because NPS is a standardised scoring mechanism, you can benchmark your score against other operations in the same industry group, which use the NPS methodology. There are a number of research companies that can provide this industry data.

They love us

If you’d like to know more about NPS, here’s a link to a short video tutorial, provided by Satmetrix, who were the co-founders of the system.

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