Research shows that 65% of clients are more likely to recommend a business
that uses a pro-active customer feedback system.”

There are numerous benefits to a well-designed patient experience solution:

  • Demonstrates that your practice places the highest priority on the overall patient experience.
  • Shows you have confidence in your clinic’s quality of service and adherence to industry ‘best practice’ methodologies.
  • Enhances client loyalty, leading to repeat visitation.
  • Encourages referrals and clients recommendations to others.
  • Identifies any issues that may potentially pose risk to business reputation.
  • Engages and motivates your employees.
  • Benchmark multiple locations and treatment providers, identifying any anomalies.
  • Can be used to help monitor and quantify patients’ clinical outcomes.
  • Provides vital information on comparative performance of your various marketing channels.

Most importantly, it provides authoritative data as the basis for critical business decisions that drive operational performance and profitability.