Measuring Workplace Job Satisfaction and Wellbeing

Your employees are your businesses most important asset. Happy staff makes for happy customers.


With all the additional stresses they face adapting to new requirements and work practices in the COVID pandemic environment, there could not be a more crucial time to check in on how they’re coping.


The health of workers is not just about physical health, but psychological health too.

When managing mental health in the workplace, it is important to consider workplace hazards such as workplace bullying, work-related stress, work-related violence and work-related fatigue.

Workplaces that take an active leadership role in managing mental health hazards are likely to see overall improvements to staff health and wellbeing, as well as greater business productivity and safety culture.

Knowing how to how to identify mental health hazards and the actions that can be taken to manage the risks, not only contributes to the success of business, but helps fulfil legal duties.


SafeWork Australia is very clear about the legal obligations of employers in this regard. Their guidelines state:

“Under the model Workplace Health and Safety Act, Persons Conducting Business or Undertakings have a duty to protect workers from psychological risks as well as physical risks. The best way to do this is by designing work, systems and workplaces to eliminate or minimise risks to psychological health; monitoring the health of workers and workplace conditions; and consulting with workers.”


Insight has developed an Employee Wellbeing and Job Satisfaction Survey based on core principles recommended by Safework Aust.

  • Our template questionnaire comprises 40 touchpoints across the four key areas above.
  • We customise the questionnaire to the specific requirements of each organisation and  host it online on a secure server.
  • Upon completion, we provide a comprehensive report comprising analysis of the quantitative data, consolidated table of narrative comments and summary of findings.


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